miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2008


Wierd, monstrous, strange, a masterpiece...

Aside from aesthetic considerations, John Taylor's controversial clock for Corpus Christi College, Cambridge goes far beyond the usual purpose of clocks, that is, to tell the time.
In my opinion, his creation is the closest approximation to date, of a physical representation of the meaning of time.

The disturbing Cronophage, a creature that is half-grasshopper, half-beetle, devouring time, one minute after another, jaws wide open, insatiable in its gluttony, while forcing on the next second relentlessly with its palettes/legs, manages to bring home the idea of tempus fugit in full.

It even blinks and seems to wag its tail with every bite, as if in scorn of our "relative views" on time.

Stephen Hawking commented in the unveiling of the Corpus Clock, his surprise when he realized, on his 70th birthday, how fast time flies. So much he still wants to do. So little time.

Meanwhile, the Cronophage munches on...

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2 comentarios:

Maria dijo...

Fascinante!! Otro reloj que me gusta es el Millennium Clock del Royal Museum of Scotland


María, ¿has tenido la suerte de verlo en persona? Debe ser fascinante - Me encantan las figuras de madera y aunque he visto fotos, la verdad es que no me hago una idea del conjunto ni cómo encajan las piezas de cristal con lo demás.

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